City Stade

CITY STADE allows people to meet in a friendly place to practice different sports. A meeting place dedicated to sports challenges, at the same time playful, aesthetic and robust.

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  • Francais
  • Open from 01/01/2023 to 31/12/2023

A city stadium, also known as a multi-sports field, is an urban facility consisting of one or more fields surrounded by a fence in a well-defined area and offering various sports activities. Thus, it can be composed of several types of courts: with goal cages for soccer, high baskets for basketball, nets for volleyball, smaller cages for handball, etc. The type of floor of each court depends on the sport for which it was built.

This type of multi-sports field is aimed at all populations that want to practice sports and let off steam, wherever they live.

The stadium is open access and there is no charge to enter.

They are as well adapted to adults as to teenagers, and sometimes fields specially designed for children are present.

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