• Tourist Office Welcome Guide

    Le Pays du Roquefort, live life to the full!
    Far from the crowds, here you can take the time to stroll, do yourself good, escape from the daily grind... Experiencing things has never been so powerful as in the Roquefort region.

    Heritage discovery

    Immerse yourself in the heart of the Roquefort region, a veritable land of hiking, with our brochure revealing 170 km of trails through breathtaking landscapes, and 71 circuits inviting you to adventure at every step.

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  • Dolmen driving tour

    A two hour drive will allow you to discover 4 dolmens among the numerous that are scattered in the surrounding countryside.

    Dolmen driving tour
  • Carved Standing Stones tour

    Our standing stones are one of the most curious enigmas of prehistoric times. But what are they really: gods, heroes, deities?

    Standind stones, megalitic, aveyron, tour
  • Fishing into the Sud Aveyron

    The quality and variety of our rivers make our territory an ideal place for every kinds of fishing practices, from family fishing to sport fishing.

    pêche, Aveyron, nature
  • Base VTT de Roquefort aux Rougiers

    With the VTT base you will explore a great variety of landscapes along the causses stony and technical paths and the Rougiers playful trails, which provide all year round a perfect setting for family, technical and challenging practices.

    VTT, Bouger, rando, sport
  • Saint-Affrique city

    Map of the town including streets, monuments, various municipal services… all useful information to find your way around the town.

    Saint-Affrique, votives statues, town, church
  • Roquefort City

    Explore the wonderful city of cheese! With our detailed map of the sales outlets and visits to the cellars, you'll have all the information you need to find your way around and enjoy an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

    Roquefort City
  • Tourist map of the PNR des Grands Causses

    Between know-how, sites of visits, built, natural or cultural heritage, the tourist map of the Regional Natural Park of Grands Causses accompanies you to discover our exceptional territory.

    PNR Grands Causses, Aveyron, Discover, Visit
  • Tarn Valley Map

    Tourist map that will guide you on a tourist route along the Tarn Valley from Millau to Albi. Picturesque road which partly follows an old railway line. On this map, you will find indications of visits and activities, as well as instructions for going through the tunnels.

    Tarn Valley Map