Roquefort and its caves

No doubt about it, this is our vedette! Famous far beyond our country’s borders, Roquefort is a cheese with a flavor reminiscent of the Larzac and its ancient pastoral heritage.

Did you know that a multitude of ancestral know-how is necessary to produce Roquefort-cheese? From its origins, Roquefort has preserved its essential characteristics, respect for nature and the environment, without neglecting to aim at innovation.

This is why the Roquefort caves are certainly worth a visit. From the biggest to the smallest, the most famous to the most artisanal, a free visit or guided tour, there's something to suit all tastes! View our offer below to prepare your visit as best as possible. All visitors will eventually be offered a Roquefort tasting to discover the wide range of different cheeses, accompanied by some advice on the art of accommodating this jewel of French gastronomy! 

Of course, the milking of the sheep, the milk collection, the AOP Roquefort... it’s the producers who talk about it best. Don’t hesitate to go and meet them at their farms!

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