Le Rougier

The ROUGIER, a scent of mystery

Enter in this unique universe called the Rougier. From Saint-Juéry to Vabres l’Abbaye, passing by the villages of Martrin, Bournac and Saint-Izaire, we invite you to discover the particular sight of the soil and the stone architecture. This burgundy-red colored country evokes Colorado landscapes and owes its color to the oxidation of iron, present in the rocks and soil.

Let your inner child run free and go and meet the “silent goddesses”, which will enchant you. These enigmatic sculptures have been dwelling in the red hills we can call their home for around 5000 years and their origins are surrounded by mystery. These sandstone stelae, sculpted or engraved, can mostly be found along the valleys of the rivers Rance and Dourdou.

Feeling like spending a moment in symbiosis with nature? Why not try and catch some fish? The shores of the Dourdou, at the foot of the village of Saint-Izaire, offers the perfect scenery to imagine yourself in the movie “a river runs through it”.

Recommended hikes:

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