Le Causse du Larzac

The CAUSSE of the LARZAC, a unique experience of vast plains

The Larzac is the land of boxwood moors and jagged rock formations. In these open grasslands, during the Middle Ages (XIIth Century), the Order of the Hospitallers and then the Templars developed agropastoralism, among other things. It was then that the human occupation of the Causses took a definitive start and flocks of sheep populated the landscape.

Typical elements reminiscent of this cultural heritage are ‘jasses’, ‘lavognes’, 'bussières', ‘cazelles’ and ‘drailles’.

Come and take a leap in time all the way back to the Jurassic Era! The cirque of Brias in Tournemire is an exceptional geological site labeled Natura 2000 and was once covered by the sea, which explains its actual shape. This impressive landscape marks the limit between the Avant-Causses and the Causse of the Larzac and encompasses 130 hectares labeled Espace Naturel Sensible, an area particularly rich in biodiversity.

Marvel at a majestic mineral decor. Observe the numerous birds hidden in the cliffs of the calcareous rocks and who knows, you might spot a few vultures soaring in the sky!

Immerse yourself in this exceptional natural environment. Connect yourself to what’s essential, during a hike or a picnic facing the setting sun.

Our recommended hikes:

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