Les Avant-Causses

The AVANT-CAUSSES, feeling like slowing down

Composed of calcareous plateaus and rolling plains, the Avant-Causses are situated at the foot of the Causse of the Larzac.

Several rivers (the Tarn, the Cernon and the Sorgues) have dug their way down through the plateau, creating large valleys. In the valley of the Sorgues, we can find several pittoresk villages that have originated here spontaneously. You can go from place to place, discoveing the ancient commanderies of the Hospitallers of Saint-Felix de Sorgues and Versols-et-Lapeyre.

In Saint-Felix-de-Sorgues, marvel as you walk the drailles and the buissières, the traditional paths of our herders. You will enjoy a marvelous view on the abbey of Nonenque, the Valley of the Sorgues and the plateaus of Guilhaumard and Loubière. Keep your eyes wide open, you never know what you might find behind the next boxwood hedge; a herder’s keel, maybe?

Surrounded by seven hills, lying on the banks of the river Sorgues, Saint Affrique is a town where one can slow down from busy city life. Epicureans will find plenty of opportunities here to relax, enjoy and take the time.

Admire the elegant cross of the church, towering high above us at 81 meters, standing on the Pont Vieux, which was built in the XIIth Century. Climb all the way up to the rock of Caylus, which offers the most stunning view over the town. Stroll along the stalls of its market, which is reputed for its local products, often organic. Have breakfast or a coffee in good company, to chat or reinvent the world.

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