The mysterious land of dolmens

Fancy being challenged by Mysteries? Come and discover the dolmens, menhirs and carved standing stones that were erected in the area during the prehistoric period. Between culture and rites this stone-aged form of expression bears witness to the high degree of sophistication these structures provided to serve the imagination of the people of that time…

With around 1000 specimens, the Aveyron is the department most densely populated with dolmens in France! Far ahead of the Morbihan and its 550 britannic megaliths (dolmens and menhirs included). Another mistaken belief is that dolmens have been erected by the Celts. False! It was the neolithic populations that erected them between the end of the Vth and the IIIrd millennium B.C.

A dolmen, which means “table of stone” in britannic, probably served as a collective burial site for sometimes up to one hundred people. Curious to see them with your own eyes? Go on a “rock-trip'' in the “Pays de Roquefort”!

Go at your own pace to discover our dolmens:


By car : Road-trip des dolmens

On foot : Hike « Le circuit des Dolmens » - 6h